Artist Statement



I work almost exclusively in the area of drawing, now mainly ink on paper, which broadly explores several main themes – autobiographical events, the uneasy relationship between landscape and industry, cultural erosion and synthesis and the evocation of a sense of place. For the purposes of narrative, many take on a triptych format. But also each panel is a discrete piece and can be exhibited alone.

Most of my work is developed as a series. Some are conceived as a local observation and develop into a much bigger concept. So, a triptych on the effects of 9/11 on my immediate environment, becomes a much larger exploration on the Mideast conflict.

My interest lies more in illusion than physicality that is why my large paper pieces are always presented, frameless and without glass. I would like them to float like wafers on the wall - without weight they can push you back or pull you in.
But yet they still are a part of the real world. They exist as a physical presence when the lights go out.